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For a long time, one of the best methods for obtaining information about a person and his character of behavior is surveillance.

This method was not neglected thousands of years ago, and is not neglected now.

Not a single set of devices, GPS tracking or wiretapping, will give the information that can be provided by specially trained people.

Very often, it was with the help of surveillance of а person that the truth became known and light was shed on facts about the existence of which no one knew.

Surveillance is the most effective way to obtain the necessary information, since the observed object is in normal conditions and behaves naturally.

What gives surveillance?

During surveillance, private detectives of the agency carry out photo-video recording of all key points of observation.

Detective agency provides a report with photo-video materials. We can transmit information to the client in real time.

A detective agency provides surveillance services for:

  • moving object (pedestrian, car, transport, cargo);
  • stationary object (warehouse, entrance, checkpoint, entrance-exit from the premises).

The photo-video materials presented in the report serve as documentary evidence and are indisputable facts of events.

Get to the truth with our video and photo proofs!

Using surveillance, you can get documentary evidence of information such as:

  • the actual place of residence of the object (place of work, study);
  • contacts of the person who interests you with third parties, the nature of such contacts;
  • confirmation or refutation of the fact of marital infidelity;
  • routes of movement of the object, places visited by it;
  • checking the lifestyle of a teenager, setting his social circle;
  • a visit to a specific place, by a person;
  • current location, cash withdrawal at an ATM;
  • other facts that are of interest to the client.

Confidentiality & Group Composition

All activities related to the surveillance are completely confidential.

No one will ever know about your appeal to the detective agency until you tell about it yourself.
After transmitting data to the client, we destroy all the information received.

Private detectives of the agency have the necessary experience and professionalism to solve problems of any complexity.

The agency employs professionals who have given this business many years of training and service in special units.

The standard composition of the group is two cars and four detectives, which guarantees the quality of work and the necessary reserve of conspiracy.

The optimal amount of forces and means, when conducting surveillance, is planned based on the needs of the task, for its high-quality implementation.

If you need professionals in the field of external surveillance, contact us.
The detective agency has sufficient resources to solve problems of ANY COMPLEXITY.