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Marital infidelity is one of the most common reasons why clients turn to a detective agency.

The reason is often intuition, plus signs of marital infidelity - strange phone calls, correspondence in messengers, delays at work, changing habits, appearance, family relationships, etc.

Or the client is sure that the romantic partner having an affair. However, there is no evidence of adultery for presentation to the second half.

When will one partner only guesses the infidelity of another partner, you can always find a lot of indirect evidence.

If a person suspects adultery and at the same time doubts whether these events really occurred, then this causes severe emotional distress, nervous breakdowns and depression.

One solution to these situations is to receive actual evidence of adultery.

Photographic evidence of adultery is an undeniable fact.

Private detectives of our agency will document or refute the fact of adultery.

Our capability for detecting adultery

With the help of surveillance, private detectives will document such moments of life of a person of interest to you as:

  • any contacts of your romantic partner with third parties;
  • list of places visited by the person;
  • the nature and manner of communication with third parties;
  • the movement of a person both on foot and by car;
  • photo-video contact fixing in any public places;
  • daily routine, completed purchases, cash withdrawal at ATM;
  • the behavior of a romantic partner on a business trip, restaurant, corporate party, etc.

If necessary, detectives will provide information about a lover or mistress:

  • name and surname of the person;
  • place of work, position, official income;
  • marital status of the person, the presence of children;
  • photographic images of this person;
  • movable and immovable property;
  • other information.

We can always do more than what is written :)

After the activities that are necessary to resolve your issue, the detective agency provides a report on the work done. The report contains photo-video materials, which documentally confirm the facts cited by private detectives.

Based on the information received, you will be able to conclude whether adultery has actually occurred, or whether these are only suspicions that do not have real facts.

Our warranties

When contacting our detectives, you can always count on:

  • full understanding by detectives of your situation;
  • absolute confidentiality when solving your question;
  • reliable and complete information;
  • the ability to organize the work of detectives based on your budget;
  • free consultation with private detectives;
  • psychological support.

We cherish our good name and reputation.

Private detectives of the SBD detective agency are not engaged in penetration into private property, hotel rooms, filming bed scenes, provoking adultery.