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Detective Agency Services

Checking a person from a dating site

services dating site
  • identification of a person from a dating site;
  • verification of the personal data of the profile owner;
  • search and collection of additional information about a person.


  • contacts with third parties, the nature of the contacts, the movement of the person;
  • transmission of information to the client on-line;
  • report with photo-video evidence of key moments of surveillance.


  • collection of facts about the presence or absence of marital infidelity;
  • photographic evidence of such facts;
  • 100% confidential, psychologist help.

Obtaining Photographic Evidence

photographic evidence
  • obtaining photographic evidence;
  • photographic recording of necessary moments;
  • in any public place, at any time of the day.

Find a person in Ukraine

person search service
  • collecting various data about a person;
  • search for a person by incomplete data;
  • search for close and distant relatives.

Collection of information

collection information
  • collecting various kinds of information about a person or property;
  • verification of information that is known to the client;
  • actual information, analysis of known data.

Search for an owner by phone number

phone number owner
  • search for the owner of a mobile phone number;
  • search for the owner of the landline phone number;
  • searching for a person's phone number.

Search of property

property search services
  • search for movable property of the person;
  • search for real estate of a person;
  • search for the owner of movable or immovable property.

Search Owner by Auto Number

  • search for contact details of the car owner;
  • information about the car (owners, registration);
  • short terms, positive result.

Identifying a teenager’s lifestyle

teen checking
  • definition of a teenager’s social circle, nature of contacts;
  • the presence of bad habits, a boyfriend or a girlfriend;
  • visit of educational institution.

Background check

background check
  • verification of data indicated by the candidate for a vacant seat;
  • contacts of the person with third parties and their nature;
  • search for necessary information.

Counter surveillance

Counter surveillance
  • identification of the facts of surveillance;
  • photographic evidence of observation;
  • development of a strategy to identify such facts.

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