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Search of property of the person

search of property

Our detective agency will assist in finding movable or immovable property that belongs to a particular person.

Agency detectives will find both movable and immovable property of a person.

As part of this service, we can solve the opposite problem - to search for the real owner, movable or immovable property.

The time to search for a person's property or property owner depends on the amount of initial information from the client.

The term for such services is from two to five business days.

Reasons for finding a person’s property

The client may have various reasons for searching for movable or immovable property that belongs to a particular person.

Basically, the search for the property of a person is related to solving such issues as:

  • sharing of inheritance - if the testator for some reason did not draw up the relevant documents and the heirs want to receive information about all the property of a person;
  • search for the debtor's property - in order to verify whether the debtor is not hiding the fact of ownership of any property;
  • purchase and sale of property - the property that is selling may not belong to the seller;
  • drawing up a marriage contract - a person may advertise a property not belonging to him or to conceal the fact of ownership of any property;
  • granting of credit.

Get complete, reliable and comprehensive information!

If necessary, agency private detectives will find property that is registered on the relatives or family members of the person, which is of interest to the client.

Search for property owner

In practice, there are cases when it is necessary to establish the official owner (or owners) of any property.

Such a service can be very useful in resolving issues related to the purchase of real estate, rental of office and retail premises, finding a car owner and so on.

Along with the search for the owner of the property, our detectives can provide information on the history of sales of the property, indicating all previous owners of the property.

Applying for such information to a detective agency is a good way to protect yourself from the facts of fraud and getting into various unpleasant situations.