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We understand that the decision to hire a detective is not always made easily

Accepting the need for a private detective is sometimes quite difficult. We understand that you may feel insecure and that it is often difficult to face real facts.

However, we can assure you that our private detectives are always responsive, friendly and, above all, professional.

Our detectives will answer your question tactfully and with complete confidence. We immediately evaluate each request and can give you a quick, comprehensive assessment of the time and cost of considering your matter.

Contacting an agency for advice, does not oblige you to anything.

Building trust is part of our obligation and we know that this is achieved through honest communication, prior information and demonstration of our commitment to confidentiality and providing the right solution for you.

Just fill out the form or send a message through the messenger and we will answer your questions using electronic correspondence.


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The territorial office of the Ukrainian detective agency "SBD" is located in the city of Kiev.

The detective agency provides its services both in the city of Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

This page shows all the possible contacts of a detective agency.

You can get information about the services of the agency and their cost with the help of messengers such as Telegram, WhatsApp or Viber.