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  • 100% Confidential
  • High Quality Services
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Detective Agency of Kiev "SBD"

Detective Agency of Kiev "SBD" founded by a close-knit team of reserve officers.

Our collective - professional investigators, detectives, analysts, psychologists.

Every private detective of our detective agency has many years of experience in his profile, which he has acquired during his service in the internal bodies of Ukraine.

Kiev detective agency "SBD" actively cooperates with foreign colleagues, which allows to significantly expand the list of our services.

For more than 20 years now, we have been providing our assistance in resolving issues related to such services, such as:

  • search for a person or property owner;
  • obtaining photographic evidence;
  • collection and search of various information;
  • checking known data to the client;
  • organization of counter observation;
  • surveillance (shadowing);
  • various analytical services.
Why choose our agency

Complete confidentiality of both your contact with the detective agency and the results of its work;

detective experience

More than 20 years of practical experience in solving tasks of various nature and level of complexity;

price agency

Flexible pricing policy, discount system, organization of work of the detective agency taking into account the client 's budget;


An individual approach to each client, taking into account the client 's goals and existing circumstances;

detective report

We provide a report on the volume of work performed, which includes photographic materials;

detective effect

Fast and efficient resolution of your problems, immediately after contact with the detective and obtaining the necessary data;

Detective Agency & Client

Kiev detective agency

Many clients who first seek help from a detective agency are afraid of such moments as:

  • loss of one’s financial resources;
  • confidentiality of contact with a detective agency;
  • the very process of communication with detectives seems to be some kind of nervous event.

However, we assure you that all the detectives you come in contact with are discreet, friendly and helpful people with many years of professional experience and psychological training.

About confidentiality.
We guarantee absolute confidentiality of both your contact with a detective agency and the process of work of private detectives
After transmitting information to the client, all data is destroyed.
We are interested in long-term cooperation, as well as in your recommendations.

About payment for services.
In most cases, the detective agency provides its services on a prepaid basis. This is due to the specifics of these services.
Possible phased payment for detective services. Also, we guarantee a refund of any unused funds.
If in the process of resolving your issue it became known that it is impossible to solve the task, we return the prepayment in full.

Our professional point of view is that the client is often an expert in the presented question.

For this reason, we always strive to work closely with our customers.

We can guarantee that regardless of whether you hire us or just ask for a free consultation, you will receive the best quality service that we can offer.

8 commonly used agency services

You can always get a free consultation regarding the services of the detective agency or their cost, without any obligation.

Location & Schedule

The office of the detective agency is located in Kiev, but our activity is not limited only to Kiev and the Kiev region.

We represent the services of private detectives throughout Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Detective Agency of Kiev "SBD" works around the clock, without days off and holidays.

You can contact the detectives using instant messengers - Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Email, or the feedback form.

Detective Agency Reviews


For a long time I have corresponded with a woman who lives in Ukraine. I had a desire to give her a birthday present. I contacted a detective agency to find out the address to deliver my gift. Received the mailing address during the day. Thank you, good luck in your work.


I needed to find the owner of the car by his number. My car was parked near the house and it was scratched by a passing car. The neighbor on the DVR has the license plate of this car. Thank you for the consultation and the information provided about the owner of the car.


A detective agency helped a lot in my situation. My husband had an extramarital affair, which I guessed, but was not sure. The husband denied everything and said that he had no one. The detectives, after three days of surveillance, provided me the evidence. I was right. Thanks for the psychological support.


My wife often travels to Kiev on work issues. I had some suspicions, and I contacted a detective agency. As a result, I got the opportunity to receive information in real time about all the contacts and movements of my wife. Thank you, I received an answer to my question.


I found a strange contact on my husband’s phone. The desire to find out whose phone number it was led me to a detective agency. Detectives helped me find a person by mobile phone number. It turned out that his colleague at work was so peculiarly recorded in the phone.

Svetlana Sergeevna

Recently, the husband began to often go on business trips. I had the idea that he had someone. This thought haunted me, and I hired a detective. It turned out that the husband really has a lot of work and there is no other woman. Thank you, I feel much calmer.


Very friendly and professional staff. I am truly sincerely grateful to these people. They helped me a lot in resolving my piquant family matter. I received the necessary information and evidence. Thanks so much for providing such excellent services.


I periodically communicate with my friend who lives in Ukraine. However, his phone stopped responding. It was strange for me, and I turned to a private detective. It turned out that my friend had lost his phone, but he didn’t remember my phone number. Thanks to the detectives, we are talking again.