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Photographic evidence

 photo evidence

Obtaining photographic evidence is one of the priority areas of activity of our detective agency.

This service is provided by experienced detectives who are able to follow people and document the sequence of events as long as it is necessary for the client, both day and night.

We use high-tech surveillance equipment in combination with the professional experience of detectives who follow established surveillance methods.

You can be sure that we will not be compromised.

A person will not know anything about photo-fixing until you yourself tell him about it.

If you need to receive photographic evidence (or video) regarding your spouse, employee, colleague, client or other person, our detective agency can record any movements and contacts for you

The photographic shot is indisputable documentary evidence of the events that occurred.

Our detectives will follow the object as far as possible to get the evidence you need.

What is photographic evidence for?

Thanks to the photo evidence, you can see with your own eyes the events that occurred, or present such photo-facts to a third party.

For example, photographic evidence such as:

  • contacts of a person with third parties;
  • the nature and manner of behavior in contact with third parties;
  • photographic binding of a person to places that were visited;
  • documentary evidence of a person’s location at a certain times of day;
  • fixing the place of residence or work of a person;
  • the fact of import or export of goods;
  • the attitude of the nanny to the child outside the home;
  • fixing other actions that matter to the client.

Find out the truth or prove your case with our photo evidence!

The object of photo-video shooting can also be a fixed object - a warehouse, the entrance of a residential building, a hotel, a parking lot, and so on. In this case, detectives perform photo-video shooting, for fixing the import-export of goods, entering and leaving persons, solving other tasks necessary for the client.

Places of photographing

Private detectives of the agency perform photo-video shooting in any public places.

These are places that do not need special permission to visit. For example, a shopping and entertainment center, a market, a restaurant, a cafe, public transport, a clinic, and so on.

Detective agency does not engage in photo-video shooting in places that are prohibited by law.

In particular, these places include special territories with access control and territories that are privately owned (apartments, hotel rooms, saunas, and so on).

For example, we can record with whom a person came or left the hotel, we can take their joint photo near the reception desk or at the time of filling out the documents. However, we cannot take photos inside the hotel room. Although, if the curtains are not tightly closed ...

We guarantee confidentiality and respect for the client's interests