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Cost of detective agency services

When a person contacts us and asks about our services, usually the second or third question -

«How much will detective agency services cost?»

Our answer is always the same: "Tell us about your situation."

Professional detective services - this is not what comes on sale in series with an attached price.

Since each client is individual, there is no “standard” cost of services.

The cost of detective services cannot be given for a typical situation, because each situation is unique and can vary significantly, depending on the circumstances. That is why each case must be evaluated individually.

When we accept a new case, we begin to work with our clients to develop a strategy that is fully consistent with their situation and based on the information that they provided to us.

These factors allow us to determine the time expenses and technical means to generate the cost of services of a detective agency.

How the price of detective services is formed

All the services of detectives, conditionally, can be divided into two groups. Gathering information from various sources and obtaining information using surveillance (or a combination of both).

In the first case, the price for the services of a detective depends on the information that you have.

To get any information about the person, you need to know the full data. If they are partial, then first we need to find out these data.

For example, the cost of collecting information about a person may vary several times. This depends on the source data that is known to the client.

If there is a surname, first name, middle name and date of birth, then the person is identified almost unambiguously and the price will be lower than if there is only a name and surname.

Similarly, the cost of detective services is determined if the client needs to find a person.

The cost of surveillance is influenced by factors such as:

  • way of movement of the person (on foot, city transport, car, car with a driver;)
  • territorial features (open area, protected residential complex, etc.;)
  • number of vehicles and detectives (standard group two cars and four detectives;)
  • surveillance number of hours (for example, with 12-hour surveillance, the price per hour of observation will be cheaper than with 3-hour surveillance.)

The price is discussed with you before the start of surveillance.

Learn more about the factors that determine the price of detective agency services.

Our prices are very competitive. Rates start at $ 20 per hour.
The price includes photographs, reports, photos or video evidence where necessary.

It is possible to organize the work of a detective agency based on your budget.

Detective Agency of Kiev "SBD" adheres to the average price range in the market of detective services. We will always offer a less costly way to resolve your issue, if possible.

Payment for detective agency services

detective service cost

The detective agency provides its services on a prepaid basis. Prepayment is from 20% to 100%, depending on the type of service.

Payment Methods

  • Western Union (after transferring money, tell us the control number, amount, transfer currency, sender's name and country);
  • MoneyGram, RIA, PrivatMoney;
  • Transfer through PrivatBank (payment through the PrivatBank terminal, or through the Privat24 application);
  • Cash (our detective can personally meet with your representative).

We take the prepayment only if, when there is full confidence in a positive solution to your question.

If in the process of resolving your issue it became known that the issue cannot be resolved, we will refund the prepayment in full.


Contact our detectives for information on the prospects and possible ways to resolve your issue.
During the consultation process, the cost of detective agency services will also be determined.