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How much does it cost to find a person?

cost of finding a person

At this stage, you've probably spent some time searching for a person using the Internet. Maybe you spent some money on one of the many online databases, contacted everyone you know, and also tried to find the person on various social networks.

An independent search did not bring any results, the search options are deadlocked and now you are thinking about professional help - you want to hire a private detective.

One of the questions that every client has when its wants to hire a private detective is how much it costs to find a person.However, the problem with answering this question is that there are so many different scenarios that the answer is not so simple.

The cost of finding a person varies depending on the background information the client has. For example, finding someone by last name, patronymic, first name and date of birth will cost much less than finding a person by phone number or by first name and approximate place of residence.

Each situation related to the search for a person is unique. There are literally hundreds of factors that can make a difference.
Below is a summary of how our detectives approach this issue

Preliminary research

Before the detectives start considering your case, we need to find out all the information that you know and will be useful to us to find a person.

After receiving all the information, we will conduct a preliminary study to determine whether it is realistic to find a person using the information we know. Only after such an analysis are we ready to tackle this issue.

How much is it?

As already noted, the cost of searching for a person depends on the amount of initial information from the client.

However, in some cases, the client does not need to directly search for a person, but its contact information is enough - an email address, a phone number, an address for sending a gift.

In this case, if you have enough information about the person, the cost of search of contact information will be from $20 to $100. With a direct search for a person, the price will be an order of magnitude higher.

It should be noted that a person may not live at the official place of registration and additional search activities will be required.

What do we provide after the completion of the search activities?

Upon completion of the case, information is provided about the official registration address of the person and its phone numbers (if information is available about them).

The detectives will also provide some of the details that emerged during the search activities. For example, if during the search, criminal records, information about movable or immovable property, the person's place of work, family ties were revealed - we will provide them to you.

How long will it take?

As a rule, the search for a person takes from two to five working days.

Search for contact information - from one to two working days.

Do you guarantee the result?

We understand that you need any guarantees. Unfortunately, there are too many different nuances, because of which the search for a person may not end as you would like. There are factors that are independent of anyone. This person can move to a permanent place of residence abroad, to be dead or go into hiding on purpose.

Each situation is unique. It is impossible to guarantee that a search will yield a 100% positive result. For some cases, additional research or on-site surveillance will be required to locate a person.

What can we say about this

Our reputation is based on positive results for the client, and not on false promises. We will do everything in our power to find this person, but we cannot give one hundred percent guarantees.

Before you hire us to search, detectives will provide you with an open and honest estimate of the likelihood of finding the person you are looking for.

We realistically assess our capabilities and do not take up issues if there is no certainty about their solution

Final thought

We have outlined a few general points here and have not considered all situations. Therefore, if you have additional questions, do not hesitate to seek advice from our private detectives.

Our detectives will assess the likelihood of a positive result, plus advise you on how much it costs to find a person.