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Collection of information by a detective agency

Collection of information by a detective

As professional private detectives, we well know where and what data is available, and how to provide you with accurate and reliable information about a person.

We also understand how important it is to be careful so that the interest of the client does not become known to others.

In the process of collecting information, detectives use:

  • analysis of data from various sources;
  • surveillance of a person;
  • the creation of certain situations, as a result of which the necessary information is obtained;
  • open databases.

We ourselves collect information about a person in Ukraine, unlike many other agencies that tend to outsource this work. Therefore, you can be sure of our confidentiality and guarantees that the information we find will be accurate.

Credibility & Types of Information

Our search for information about a person in Ukraine includes the identification of a person's data, starting with his full name and address and so on.

We conduct search and analytical events very thorough, so you can be sure that you will receive accurate, relevant and complete data.

You can be sure that our service is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

Independently obtaining this kind of information is rather difficult, and often completely impossible.

We can provide you with detailed information on the following issues:

  • to establish the biographic facts;
  • registration address and phone number;
  • marital status, marriages and divorces;
  • place of work and official income;
  • information about relatives and neighbors;
  • the presence of movable and immovable property;
  • conflicts with law enforcement agencies;
  • contacts and social circle;
  • other information.

The information provided by the agency will help you make the right choice in resolving the issue you need.

Why is information collection necessary?

In everyday life, we often encounter strangers and we often have to enter into various relationships with them.

Sometimes, before making a decision, it is worth looking at the situation a little wider and collecting information about the intended partner.

It never hurts to find out additional information about a person whom you are going to entrust finance, reputation, and even personal happiness.

For example, collection of information about a person may be useful in case of:

  • hiring an employee for a responsible position;
  • transactions with the purchase of real estate;
  • contact with a person through a dating site;
  • loss of contact with relatives, acquaintances;
  • prevention of fraud;
  • checking conflicts with the law.

Owning information guarantees peace of mind and financial security.

The professionalism of our detectives is a guarantee of complete confidentiality of any activities related to the collection of information about a person.