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Checking the profile owner on a dating site

Our detective agency offers services related to identification and search for additional information about a person from Ukraine who posted a profile on a dating site or whom you met in the virtual world.

Online dating is a fairly popular area for scammers. As our practice shows, there are fake profiles on different types of dating sites, including paid accounts and sites with identity verification.

The goal of online dating scammers is quite simple - your money.

We offer both discrete data verification and a combined approach for identity identification.

Our agency has extensive experience in this area and we can offer you a comprehensive check of a Ukrainian woman on a dating site (or a man).

Our in-depth online dating research methods will help you find out who you're really communicating with.


Checking data from a dating site & Collection of additional information

checking data from a dating site

This service of a detective agency is very in demand, in particular among foreign clients.

As a rule, a page on a dating site consists of general information about a person, several photos taken in a modeling agency and processed in a photo editor, and also contains several lines of text where the user writes that this is the best choice for you.

In this situation, almost the only option for obtaining information about a person who lives in another country is to contact a detective agency.

Agency detectives can conduct a comprehensive verification of a Ukrainian woman on a dating site (or a man), plus collect information that is not on the dating site, but is of interest to the client.

This is information such as:

  • full name and date of birth;
  • marital status;
  • profession, place of work, official income;
  • conflicts with the police;
  • movable and immovable property of a person;
  • what a person is doing in his free time, his social circle;
  • real photos of a person (not from a photo salon);
  • psychological analysis of your correspondence with the interlocutor;
  • other information that is of interest to the client.

Find out more about the person you are chatting with!

We take our work very seriously, and our in-depth inspection methods allow us to truly investigate who you are communicating with. Our detectives will determine whether you really correspond with the person who is listed on the dating website. During the check, our facts will give you important information about a possible fraud, or give you peace of mind so that you can finally enjoy love.

Dating Sites & Fraud

The share of online dating on the Internet continues to grow and penetrate the lives of more and more people, along with this, fraud on online dating sites is growing.

There will always be people who lie. It is a fact. Unfortunately, with the advent of online dating, lying has become even easier, because the chances of finding a lie are much less than in the “real world”.

We are sad to say, but we often find lies in our investigations. From the lies of people who are already married to the lies of men who pretend to be women and vice versa.

Unfortunately, we often deliver sad news to our customers.

Along with the availability of dating sites, a large number of related dangers arise, such as:

  • using them by fraudsters to lure money from you;
  • registration on dating sites of persons who are married and hide this fact, in order to find a mistress or lover;
  • creation of a fake profile for a good pastime, while declaring precisely serious intentions;
  • reporting false information about yourself (financial situation, nature, state of health, living conditions, bad habits).

Protect yourself from the dangers of communicating through a dating site!

Also, one should not forget about the interest of online dating sites, namely in making a profit, and not in your happy future.

Dating site - what to pay attention to

Unfortunately, there is no 100% way by which you can determine that you are communicating with a scammer.

In order to make the correct conclusion, a comprehensive verification of the profile owner's data is necessary.

However, you need to pay attention to such moments when someone:

  • is quite quick to ask for your address, claiming that he wants to send you flowers, a gift, etc.
  • someone claims that it was fate or a higher power brought you together;
  • immediately suggests switching to private communication, for example, through instant messengers;
  • someone asks you to pay for a plane ticket or to sponsor a visa so that he or she can legally enter the country;
  • asks you for a small loan to solve your problems;
  • asks for information about your bank account or asks you to open an account for him in your name.

Remember, the fact that a person uses a paid account on a dating site does not make it real!

cheating on dating sites

As practice shows, scammers on dating sites use the same schemes.
By clicking on the link, you can find out about the methods of fraud and the steps to protect against the loss of your financial resources.

Detective agency "SBD" is constantly hired to verify the veracity of the data indicated by the person on the dating site, or to verify the information specified in personal correspondence.

Thanks to these studies, we have gained great experience in the study of romance in the era of online dating.

We will always find alarming discrepancies, if they exist.

Caution and confidentiality are at the core of everything we do.

Checking information about the owner of the account is much cheaper than possible material and moral damage. Contact our detectives today and protect yourself from possible unpleasant problems.