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Can a detective find a person from a photograph?

find a person by photo

Quite often, our clients (mainly from abroad) ask us if detectives can find a person from a photograph, or they ask us to identify and collect data about an object that is in the picture.

Our detectives provide clients with such a service as finding a person by photograph. The likelihood of a positive result depends on the nature of the photo itself.

For example, you have photographed someone on the street and want to know who exactly is in the frame. In this case, the likelihood of a positive identification of a person will not be very high (unless, of course, this is a very famous person).
Probably, special services and filmmakers have special programs for face recognition. However, detective agencies do not have such technologies.

If the photo is taken by you from the Internet, the probability of identifying the person is quite high. From such a picture it is possible to identify a identity, as well as provide additional information about it.

Photo from the Internet

The most common case - a client begins to communicate with someone on a dating site, and wants to check if the photos from the dating site page really belong to that person

In this situation, the detective can find a person from a photograph. Additionally, the detective will check the data provided by the person on the dating site, plus collect the missing information that the client wants to know.

Additional data about the person you are looking for will increase the chances of getting a positive result.

Any additional information that you know will be useful for the investigation - name, date of birth, mailbox address, profession, nickname, zodiac sign, place of study, approximate place of residence, phone number, profile ID or social network account address.

Another case is you need to check if the individual who just sent you a friend request on Facebook or LinkedIn is real or if a fake profile image was used.

In our experience, people often use photos from other people's accounts on social networks, images of celebrities, or take photos from modeling agencies for their pages. Such accounts are mostly created for the purpose of scamming on dating sites.
On the Internet, you can find entire dating sites consisting of single models.

How it works

Most Internet users are aware of such image search services as Google, Yandex, Tineye, Bing and the like, which allow you to find duplicates of an image.

However, in addition to them, there are also various extensions for browsers, subscription image search services, paid programs for comparing different faces, EXIF analyzers of the photo's metadata.
Plus, search engines don't scan all social networks. For example, using them, you cannot find a photo of a person on Instagram.

We have our own techniques, as well as practical experience that helps to find various necessary information.

Our specialists can compare facial features of several people with each other and draw an appropriate conclusion.

By the way, it is quite difficult to compare two photographs of the same woman, if in the first she is in model makeup, and in the second without it. Model makeup changes a woman's face so much that even professional surveillance groups are mistaken.

Payment for searching a person by photo

Taking into account the specifics of this service, our detectives work as follows. The client sends us a photo of the person to be found. The detective will analyze the image for free and carry out preliminary search activities.
The approximate time required for a detective to obtain preliminary data regarding the graphic information sent by the customer is from one to three hours.

If, after the analysis, the detective is sure that he will be able to find the person by photograph, he will send you the details to pay for the services of the detective agency. After receiving the payment, within the period previously agreed with you, all the information found will be sent to the mailbox.

The more shots you provide us, the higher the probability of a positive search result.

If we can find other photos of this person during the search process, they will be provided to you, along with links to the Internet pages.

The cost of searching for a person by photo is $50 - $100.

If it is impossible to identify the person, we will not charge you money for the time spent.

The client pays money only for a positive result.

Is there a guarantee of 100% result if the image is from a dating site?

Even if a client sends us several pictures from different dating sites, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a person from the photo or identify its.

It is impossible to give a 100% positive guarantee in any investigation.

We can only guarantee that we will make every effort to find a positive solution to your problem.

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