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Dating site scammers

statistics on dating sites

Currently, a huge number of people use the services of various dating sites or social networks to find themselves a romantic partner.

On the one hand, for single men and women, this is one of the fastest growing ways to meet each other and establish a lasting relationship.
On the other hand, there are definitely individuals who use such social services for dishonest purposes.

Scammers on dating sites use people who are looking for romantic partners or penpals for their own selfish purposes.

Scammers pretend to be real partners, play on emotional feelings to lure your money or personal data.

One of the ways to detect fraud is checking the data specified on the dating sites with the help of a detective agency.
Our detectives will quickly and comprehensively check the information provided by the registered user, as well as collect additional information about the person.

Fraud schemes on dating sites

fraud schemes on dating sites

Fraud on dating sites is possible, both from the registered user of this service, and from the administration of the social resource itself.

Anyone can become a victim of fraudulent schemes on dating sites.

However, most often the victims of deception are single men from 50 to 70 years old, working in large-scale production or in the field of financial services, leading a closed lifestyle, are shy, awkwardly feeling in society
The second place, according to statistics, is taken by single women after 40 years.

It is such men and women who are easy prey to financial schemes of scammers who make happy a lonely person with their friendship or love by correspondence.

Fraud on the part of the profile's owner:

Scammers on dating sites usually create fake profiles using the name, date of birth, and photos of an outsider.

The purpose of the fake profile is to lure you.

After contact, scammers in the field of dating and romance in a short period of time ask the victim a lot of questions, express strong emotions, imitating interest and building trust.

In the course of communication, scammers offer to transfer relations from a web page to a more private channel, such as email or instant messenger.

In order to gain your trust, scammers will create exactly the image of a romantic partner that you want to see. They share “personal information”, write words of love and can even send gifts. Sometimes it takes several months to create the romantic image necessary for the “client”.

Scammers are able to express their “love” quickly and effectively, find similarities with the victim, and also convince you that online dating is fate.

financial transfer to a scammer

After the “client” has accepted the created image and his trust has been won, the scammer goes to the final goal - asks (secretly or indirectly) for money.

Usually, a cheater describes some kind of personal emergency, showing complete despair.

For example, a serious illness of a family member, deterioration of their own state of health, force majeure in business, gambling debts.

A fraudster may claim to want to come to visit you, but he does not have the means to do so. Indirectly or directly asks to lend him money to cover the travel costs associated with the flight.

The point is that you voluntarily help solve the financial problem of your object of fascination.

As an option - the fraudster sends you any valuables (laptop, mobile phone) and ask to send them to another addressee. You may even be asked to accept finances into your own bank account, and then move the money to another account.

The request will have a good reason for you to send the goods

Such situations are likely to be forms of money laundering, which is a criminal offense. Never agree to transfer finances to someone else.

Another option is that after a brief and stormy correspondence you are asked to send your photos of an intimate nature. After receiving the photos, scammers on dating sites blackmail the victim using incriminating materials.

Fraud on the part of the dating site:

dating sites scammers

Scammers often use not only individual profiles, but also entire websites are created to steal confidential or financial information

On all dating sites, when registering, they require you to specify some information about yourself.
This is necessary for the appropriate selection of a romantic partner.
On the other hand, such information helps other visitors to this social service to get the minimum necessary information about you.

As a rule, the collection of information during registration is limited to the minimum personal data of the new user, his interests and preferences.

If the administration of the dating site asks questions regarding any financial data - stay away!

One of the most common scams in this area is the proposal to create a profile specifically for collecting personal information.
Something like questions on banking sites about your mother’s maiden name, first school, first book, favorite dish.

Please note if only professional photos from photo salons are present on dating sites.

Of course, it is quite possible that you found a resource with lonely models on the Internet. Although, it is more likely that the profiles are fake.

Fake profiles are often used to extract information from unsuspecting users. Customer-engaging piquant photographs are needed to push you to download malware.

Malicious programs disguise themselves as a photo file and steal data from the user's device.

You can get an offer of free premium membership or another exclusive bonus in exchange for filling out a questionnaire that contains questions similar to those used in banking.
The information obtained will be used to access your financial or personal data, regardless of what benefits are offered on dating sites.

Fraud on dating sites can occur using fake identity verification.

The benefit of real verification services is that they allow you to identify your identity. However, to achieve their goals, scammers often use a fake verification service.

They get acquainted with real users on dating sites, begin to actively communicate, after which they offer to go to a service that deals with personal identification.

After you enter your credit card information on the fake verification site, scammers will find a way to regularly charge money from the specified credit card.

Is there a way to get your money back?

In fact, returning money is almost impossible. There is also no way to get any compensation.

The scammer who stole your finances is usually located in another country, and it is not always possible to find out the name of the country. If the country is known, you must file a complaint with the appropriate law enforcement authorities using the official language of that country, in addition to hiring a local lawyer.

However, it should be noted that this kind of fraud is difficult to prove.
You yourself willingly sent your own finances.

In this case, the difference between fraudulent activity and the provision of financial assistance to another person is small. The fraudster will simply say that there was good will on your part, plus his intentions were only to get money for financial assistance.

The easiest way to protect yourself from scammers on dating sites is to never send money to an outsider with whom you are personally unfamiliar.

Warning signs

cheating on dating sites

If you are in the early stages of an online romance, pay attention to the signs of potential fraud listed below.

These warning signs indicate that the person from the profile found is most likely unreliable or that the social service itself is false, regarding its intended purpose.

Following this list, you can to figure out the facts of fraud, plus protect yourself from material damage.

Dating site or romantic partner requesting excessive personal information
Be careful not to offer too much information about yourself that easily identifies you (place of work, place of residence, mailbox address, phone number). According to the nature of the questions described, it is realistic to figure out a scammer, especially if the interlocutor insistently demands answers to such questions.

On the dating site are only professional photos
On a free dating site everyone looks like celebrities. Each profile contains an attractive personality who is simply an expert in retouching photographs.

New online friend declares his love after a short period of time
After several contacts, the romantic partner expresses strong feelings and asks to speak with you privately. Such messages are often poorly written, vague, quickly outgrowing from acquaintance to love. Scammers will try to lead you away from communication on a dating site in order to proceed to communication using chat, instant messenger, email. This allows them to talk with several interlocutors at the same time, plus, the conversation can not be traced.

Person asks for money, bank details
Having received your trust, the scammer tells a complicated story, asks for financial assistance or bank account information. As a rule, if the victim does not send money immediately, the messages become more desperate and constant.

A new friend asks you to receive or forward goods or cash
Such scenarios, scammers on dating sites use for money laundering, which is a criminal offense. Never agree to transfer money to someone else - this is one way to get your bank details.

The administration of the service offers a free premium account in exchange for personal information
You can get an offer about a free account or other exclusive bonus in exchange for filling out a survey. The survey contains questions similar to those used when filling out bank forms.

You should also pay attention if a person:

  • demands that you keep the relationship a secret;
  • claims that it was fate;
  • speaks of higher powers that have brought you together;
  • immediately asks for your address, claiming that wants to send you flowers or a gift;
  • is pushing for intimate photos.

Steps to protect against cheating

Never send money to strangers
Money requests are a red light. Stop all contacts immediately! Report this to the service administration.

Stay on dating sites
They manage mail and chat so you can get to know people in a more secure, controlled way. Use their platform with added security.

Do not share confidential or financial information with a stranger
On dating sites, use a separate username as well as a different email account to protect your privacy. At first, it’s best to remain as anonymous as possible. Do not include your last name, email address, home address, place of work, phone number, other identifying information in your profile or initial messages.

Be careful when opening email attachments
Make sure your internet security software is turned on and has all the latest updates.

Pay attention to things like spelling and grammar errors
Beware of “random” similarities, inconsistencies in the history of an individual, other signs that this is a scam. Feel free to ask more questions.

Register only manually
For example, registration through Facebook often leads to the collection and use of personal contact information of the user throughout the Facebook platform.

Create a second account
Communicate with a new acquaintance on behalf of another person. Ask similar questions.Analyze how the account owner will respond allegedly to another person.

Check information about the profile's owner

users scammers

There is a limitation on the ability of the service administration to check users and the information that they provide.

Therefore, do not create a false sense of security, even if you are looking for a romantic partner only on reputable resources.

Do your own research to find out more about your chosen person. The search will help you make informed decisions before you make the decision to meet with a romantic partner or share personal contacts with him.

The presence of a premium account on an authoritative resource does not guarantee the honesty of its owner.

The Internet describes different ways to checking a person regarding fraud on dating sites. For example, check whether the person you are interested in uses other similar social services, social networks. It makes sense to use search engines to find out if there is any other information about this person on the Internet. Check your favorite profile pictures using Google Image Search.

However, the best way to verify the reliability of this information, plus get additional information, is to seek the help of a detective agency.

Applying for help to a detective agency is a guaranteed way of obtaining complete and reliable information about a person.

We will provide information about the person, which is almost impossible to independently find.

Our detective agency will conduct a comprehensive check of the person registered on a dating site. Additionally, private investigators will collect information that is not available on such resources.

Also, we will check the veracity of the information provided by your romantic partner in the process of correspondence. We have specialists for professional psychological analysis of correspondence with your romantic partner.

Our comprehensive analysis will help you not to lose control over personal information, as well as to avoid receiving moral or material damage.

Scammers on dating sites, this is a real threat of losing their finances. As of 2020, the number of different scams in this area has increased 4 times, compared with 2015.