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Background Checks in Ukraine

background check ukraine

Regardless of whether you need to make the right decision about hiring a responsible employee or you need information about a person who can become a part of your life - the detective agency "SBD" will help you check the biographical information of a person in Ukraine, plus provide you with the necessary facts.

In the process of checking a person, we will find the necessary information from his life so that you can make the right decision based on reliable evidence.

Comprehensive person check - report

If you are in a situation where you need to find out more information before you take the next step - our report on the check of the person, this is the perfect way to solve similar problems.

Background checks in Ukraine are carried out by us with special delicacy and discretion.

An in-depth background check performed by our detective agency allows you to:

If there is a desire to discuss the possibility of conducting a background check in Ukraine, as well as to receive the necessary report for making the right decisions in the future, why not contact our detectives today?
We'll talk about how comprehensive and discrete check works so you can decide if it's right for you.

After specifying the necessary details, the detective will suggest possible ways to resolve the existing issue based on the initial facts you have, as well as determine the cost of each proposed option.

Our detectives are ready to talk to any client free of charge, without any obligation. After communication, you will be completely confident in choosing the best way forward. If for some reason the existing problem cannot be solved, we will be the first to say about it!

We do not mislead clients about the positive perspective of resolving the issue.

Our reference report on conducting a background check on people in your life or business will provide the answers you need.

We fully understand the possible sensitivity of your situation and would like to assure you that treat every request we received with absolute confidentiality.

Deadlines & Cost

Background check of a person from Ukraine takes from one to five working days.
The deadline for completing such tasks depends on the amount of initial information from the client and the desired end result.

The cost of search and analytical activities is calculated individually.
The price of the services of the detective agency depends on the same factors as the deadline for the task

Rates start at $60 (a simple check of the data indicated by the person on a dating site).

Why do you need a background check?

There is a wide and diverse range of reasons why we are hired for background checks in Ukraine.
For example, these are situations when it is necessary to:

  • confirm the personal information of a new employee;
  • check a person from Ukraine on a dating site;
  • determine the financial position of a business partner;
  • get more facts about the groom or the bride;
  • learn more about hiring domestic staff;
  • check whether the person has the right to dispose of the property.

Over the decades of our work, we have identified a large number of people using the Internet to hide their identity.
Agency detectives are constantly studying new ways of online fraud in order to know the latest schemes used by scammers.

The agency has a wide range of sources of reliable facts - various databases, open sources of information, personal contacts of detectives, contacts with foreign colleagues
The detective agency "SBD" is quite often hired by clients who are interested in a background check of a Ukrainian person whom they have never met before.

A competent background report can and should give the client complete peace of mind about the person its hires, lets into its home or business

check the person

Do you want to take your personal relationship with your romantic partner to the next level and enter into a marriage union? - Perhaps you find it necessary to exercise due diligence before taking this step.
It may be necessary to check the financial or criminal history of a potential partner, or you need to make sure that your judgment about him is correct.
Do you hire home staff? - background check of potential applicants will allow you to make the right choice.

Either way, a background check in Ukraine is a great way to calm your mind.

Why not contact us to find out more about the identity you plan to let into any part of your life? At least, communication with the detective does not cost anything.

Background check using the Internet

There are many different sites on the Internet that offer background checks. The activities of such resources are highly questionable, as is the ability to conduct accurate verification.

We have repeatedly witnessed such moments when the user was offered outdated or completely false facts.

It is quite obvious that certain types of official databases simply cannot be updated in real time, or at all be open to public access.

We believe that we offer competitive rates for research in the area described above, and are also confident that we have sufficient experience to ensure that the client receives accurate information.