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How is a private detective paid for?

payment for detective services

Payment for the services of a private detective takes place in two stages.

The first stage is an advance payment, which is paid by the client before starting work.
This money is needed to pay direct costs associated with resolving the client's issue - searching for information, requesting the necessary data, technical support.

The second stage is the payment of the remaining part of the total amount of work, which is paid by the client after the private detective has fulfilled all his obligations

All the client's expenses are negotiated before starting to resolve its issue and pay for services.

Private detective advance

Usually, the advance payment is 50% of the volume of services provided.

The agency can also charge a 100% prepayment. These are services with low cost ($20- $50) or one-time transfer of a large amount of information. For these cases, the private detective's advance will be 100%.

If the service provided is related to a business trip, the advance payment of a private detective will consist of the sum of two parts.
The first part is 50% of the total volume of services.
The second part is 100% payment of expenses that are associated with additional expenses of the detective (or a group of detectives).

Additional expenses

Private detective fees may include additional costs.
Additional expenses are the cost of a hotel, train or plane tickets, payment for fuel with a large mileage of cars, payment for a restaurant, expenses for a business trip

As a rule, an additional waste of finance occurs when conducting activities that are related to surveillance.

Do you need to surveillance on someone in a restaurant? The detectives' fee, includes the amount for petty expenses during surveillance. However, it should be noted that detectives cannot order a couple of cups of coffee and spend the whole evening at a table with them.

The second case - the subject of observation leaves for rest, and you want to continue surveillance on the person during the rest.

Various situations are possible, but in any case, you will always be aware of the estimated costs before paying for the detective's services.

We will never put you before the fact of paying any invoice

Refunds to the client

The detective agency undertakes to resolve your question only if we have sufficient confidence regarding its positive decision. However, the work of private detectives is very specific, and each appeal to the agency is unique in its own way.

If in the process of solving your problem it becomes known that it cannot be solved, we will refund the amount you paid in full.

In practice, this situation sometimes happens. You paid for the services of a private detective in full, but for some reason, some of your money remained unspent. If such a situation arises, we will refund the remainder of the unused money.

Execution of works without advance payment

If we have already had a positive experience of cooperation with you, it is possible to perform work on credit.
Payment for the services of the agency takes place on the fact of the information transmitted to you, or at a time convenient for you.