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Do private detectives have police powers?

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Private detectives do not have police powers.

Today, in Ukraine there is no Law "On Private Detective Activity".
In other words, the activities of detectives, as well as the legal status of detective agencies, in Ukraine are not regulated at the legislative level.

On the other hand, the absence of legislation is not a de facto ban on this type of activity. The absence of a law that regulates and legalizes the activities of private detectives does not mean that this activity is prohibited or illegal.

Many members of this profession are officially registered under the guise of legal advice or news agencies.

In most cases, private detectives have no more power than an ordinary citizen.

For example, there is no Law on Beauty Salons in Ukraine. Nevertheless, we see them in any city of Ukraine, practically on every corner. Are they working illegally?

Another thing is that at the legislative level the rights and obligations of private detectives are not regulated.

By the way, in Germany or Great Britain there was never any legislation on private investigation. However, none of the locals will even think to say that detectives are outlawed.

What can't private detectives do?

Investigators have no legal right -

Also, private detectives do not have the right to represent themselves as police officers or emergency workers.