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Can private detectives get cell phone call details?

call detail

Some clients want to hire a private detective to get details of mobile phone calls.
There is a widespread opinion on the Internet that with the help of detailing the number, you can "calculate" the wife's lover or the husband's mistress, and also find out which of the competitors your employee is "leaking" information to.

Using any search engine, on the Internet, you can find several dozen sites that claim to provide such data.

However, if you do not own this mobile phone, you have no legal right or court order to receive such information from the mobile operator - this is illegal.

Neither private detectives, nor anyone else without a legal basis can get the detail of cell phone calls.

All such services offered on the Internet are illegal.
According to Ukrainian legislation, both parties are responsible before the law - both the contractor and the customer.

5 remarks regarding the details of the number

1 Conventional mobile communication was popular ten years ago. Today, people are increasingly using various messengers to communicate. If your romantic partner uses messenger (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, FaceTime) to communicate with lover, you will not know about it.

2The owner of the phone can communicate quite a lot with various people on work issues. It is almost impossible to find the required mobile phone number among hundreds of unknown subscribers. Especially if the person you are looking for rarely contacts the owner of the phone.

3It is impossible to accurately determine the location of the subscriber using call detail, especially in areas with dense buildings. In a city, the person's probable location circle will contain several apartment buildings.

4In practice, people very often have an affair with a work colleague. This means that your romantic partner can easily write down the person's phone number and contact him or her "on business issues."

5 Phone number detail is not photographic evidence. Based on the data obtained, it is impossible to make an unequivocal conclusion that there was adultery or that important information was passed on to competitors.

Call detail - Highlights

The first moment. If you are not the owner of a phone number, or you do not have a legitimate reason to analyze this type of information - you have no right to receive someone else's phone number details.
Of course, if you don't want to commit a criminal offense or hire someone to commit such a crime for you.

Second point. It is not always possible to get answers to questions of interest to you with the help of call detail.

If you need to find out information about a person - use the services of a detective agency. In most cases, hiring a private detective will be cheaper than the cost of call detail.
Plus, in this case, you are guaranteed to get results and not lose your money.

The search for details of phone calls on the Internet, quite often ends with the loss of its own financial resources.