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How to check the marital status of a person in Ukraine

check a person's marital status

A person's marital status is a term used for various forms, registration records, and other documents to find out whether a person is officially married or not.

Status - "married" means that a person has entered into a marriage in a manner that is legally recognized.

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, the person may hide the fact that already has an official marriage with another person, or the romantic partner previously had a marriage that ended in divorce.
This fact is indirectly confirmed when people are silent about their home phone number, avoid introducing you to their friends, hide some information about themselves.

Regardless of whether you have suspicions about a romantic partner, or between you the most wonderful feelings and you just need to confirm a known fact - our detective agency will help check the marital status of a person.

The presence or absence of a stamp inside the passport does not unambiguously determine the marital status.

Many people live in a civil marriage for years or are in a state of unregistered divorce.

Why check a person's marital status?

семейное положение статистика

Today, one of the options for finding a life partner is online dating. With the help of such Internet resources, people find life companions for themselves, and also enter into love unions.

According to statistics, 19% of the total number of users are looking for a couple, 11% are starting a family.

The same statistics tell us that over 60% of users use dating sites for fun, finding a sexual partner, or for fraudulent purposes.

Scammers on dating sites, this is common.
The Internet contains both fake profiles and entire sites created for the purpose of fraud.

Ukraine is one of the countries where people actively use the services of dating sites. Many Ukrainians are looking for a couple abroad.
On the other hand, there are citizens of Ukraine who use online services for their fraudulent schemes.

One of the ways to protect yourself at the beginning of a new acquaintance is to check the marital status of the other party. Your new partner may already have an official marriage relationship.

If the relationship becomes more serious and can lead to a marital union, our detectives will help to check the marital status of a person in Ukraine, plus they will collect additional information necessary for the client.

Find out more different data about your partner before you decide to devote your life to him.

Another aspect of this question is finding the right employee for the company. It is a well-known fact that information about marital status plays a role in a candidate's employment. Depending on the specifics of the job, having a family can play both a positive and a negative role.

For example, a responsible position is more likely to be taken by a family person, and work that is associated with business trips or night shifts is more likely to be taken by a person without a family. Knowing these nuances, the candidate may incorrectly indicate his marital status.

Don't have your own security service? Our agency will help to check the marital status of a person when applying for a job.

Regarding a information about a civil marriage

Recently, civil marriage has become quite popular in Ukraine.
This term means that two persons live together and run a household together, without official state registration of the family union.

Officially, Ukrainian legislation does not contain such a term as "civil marriage"

This means that such a life together is not documented in any way, since the specified type of marital status is not considered official.

It is impossible to find out about such a connection from some database

On the other hand, the lack of a legal framework is not an obstacle.
Civil marriage is a completely normal form of family relations in Ukraine.

If you need to check if the person has an unregistered relationship with another person, our detectives will be able to provide such information.

Is it possible to check the marital status of a person in Ukraine online?

There is no online resource in Ukraine with the help of which one could find out a person's marital status.
Also, there is no Internet resource providing information on divorces.

Such data can be searched by analyzing the profiles of the person of interest from social networks, view photos posted by the account owner, and use other search methods from the Internet.
However, this is an ineffective method, which usually ends up with almost zero results. Plus, it is quite difficult to find out about the presence of a divorce, remarriage, unofficial connections.

Self-search for such data using the Internet does not guarantee the desired result

Need to check the marital status of a person in Ukraine? - contact the detective agency.

Our private detectives work quickly and efficiently. The detectives will also provide information about the previous life partners of the person you are interested in.
If necessary, the detective agency "SBD" will carry out a set of works to collect various information regarding the person of interest to the client.

The period of new romantic relationships is beautiful, especially when there is no room for deception.

Types of marital status

From a legal point of view, four types of family status are distinguished:

Unmarried: the person has never had a legal marriage relationship before;

Married: the person is bound by marriage, this marital status is confirmed by an official document;

Divorced: the person previously was in a legal relationship, but officially terminated them, now has no connections formalized according to the law;

Widow, widower: the person had a registered connection, but the second half died.