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Clients of the detective agency "SBD" often ask, what are the detectives doing?

Why is it better to hire a private detective than to conduct your own investigation?

Here are some of the questions that we regularly answer our clients in such cases.

How do private detectives find out information that I can't find?

There are several ways to get the information you need.

Firstly, there are subscription databases that are inaccessible to the general public. Also, detectives have their own information network, plus contacts with other detective agencies. This method of obtaining data is not available during a self-search, since such information is not transferred to third parties.

Secondly, we can find out the necessary facts using surveillance.The standard surveillance group of the detective agency "SBD" consists of four detectives, plus two cars.The surveillance group has practical experience, technical equipment, great mobility and a sufficient supply of secrecy. If necessary, the group can be enlarged.

Obviously, a person who tries to follow the object on his own will either lose the object of observation, or declassify the event itself.

Thanks to our experience, we always see more than an ordinary person.

Thirdly, private detectives have training and experience in the analysis of diverse information. When examining various data, detectives are trained to find patterns, draw logical conclusions, and pay attention to various nuances. Such practical knowledge allows the detective to achieve a positive result for the client.

Why would it be better to contact a recognized private detective agency?

A professional private investigator with extensive experience of successful investigations will be a real advantage in many respects.

Firstly, the collection of evidence or the search for information by such a detective takes place with a sufficient degree of caution. This approach guarantees the client full confidentiality..

Secondly, a high-end private detective will have a huge network of contacts and colleagues. He can turn to them to resolve your issue.

Only for these two reasons is it vital to know who is dealing with your issue.

Small agencies outsource their jobs to detectives with little or no training or practical experience. This often leads to declassification of your appeal to the detective agency, or to the inability to resolve the issue in full.

We work only with our internal team and do not outsource work. When using the services of our detective agency, you contact a detective who will directly deal with your issue.

What can't a private detective do?

Despite the fact that we may have the opportunity to access information that is inaccessible to an ordinary person, and our surveillance and anti-surveillance skills are exceptional, there are things that we do not do. Detective agency "SBD" does not provide services that violate the current legislation of Ukraine.

The agency does not provide services related to:

  • phone tapping;
  • hacking social media accounts;
  • the provision of detailed telephone numbers;
  • the installation of listening equipment;
  • hacking email;
  • encroachment on private property.

Why hire a detective when there is a police?

The police have one way of working, private detectives have another. The police will accept your statement only if an illegal act has been committed against you or you have good reason to contact the police. A private detective can help prevent unlawful action against you.

For example, you met someone on a dating site and want to know more about the person. Thanks to our fraud investigation service, as well as checking the data specified on the dating site, you will feel more secure. We will provide facts about the person before you become too emotionally or financially involved in a new relationship.

The police will deal with your case only after the fact of fraud has already occurred.

A private detective will also reveal facts of adultery, as well as provide you with photographic evidence. The police do not deal with such issues. By the way, in such situations, clients want to maintain complete confidentiality and "not wash dirty linen in public."

Private detectives provide confidential services to anonymous clients.

In addition, police officers always have several tasks at the same time, and they must allocate their time between all of them. An experienced private detective will work on your question purposefully, without being distracted by paperwork.