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Private detective services in Kiev, Ukraine

private detective services

In many cases, when other methods of investigation have not yielded positive results, a private detective can help solve your problem.

We offer professional, confidential private detective services both in Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

Our team offers comprehensive and discrete services to individuals, corporate organizations, anonymous clients.
We have sufficient resources for a positive solution to an issue of any complexity.

During its work, the detective agency "SBD" has provided its clients with a wide range of different information services.
By hiring us, you get the results you need from a team with the practical experience and skills best suited to your unique situation.

We offer efficient and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of life situations.

The agency's strategy will provide you with factual information and will fit into your budget and privacy policy.

All private detective services are completely confidential and performed discreetly.

List of the most demanded services

Private detective services are a general term that encompasses a wide range of unique, specific solutions to various kinds of problems. Regardless of the type of task to be solved and the ways to achieve a positive result, they all serve the same purpose - the search for factual information.

Among this circle, one can single out the list of services in greatest demand.
These are such services of a private detective as:

Investigating infidelity

fidelity check service
  • Noticed unexplained changes in the behavior of a romantic partner?
  • Does intuition suggest that something is wrong?
  • Do you think the likely reason for the change in relationship is adultery?

Effective ways of identifying the facts of adultery will reveal the truth about the "side relationship".

We quietly investigate a romantic partner to confirm or deny your assumptions. After carrying out the necessary measures, detectives will provide a report with photographic evidence of any suspicious behavior.

Get convincing answers using our experience!

On the other hand, if the partner's betrayal is not confirmed within the framework of this service, we will provide relevant evidence that will help to find peace of mind.

Checking a person on a dating site

dating site check
  • Are you planning a personal relationship with a person from Ukraine whom you met on an online dating site?
  • Are relationships developing quite rapidly?
  • Is your new contact having financial problems?

Our methods of in-depth checks will make it possible to find out reliable information about an individual - real full name, profession, conflicts with the law, marital status, circle of communication, unregistered relationships, bad habits.

The services of a private detective will be very helpful for this area.
Our activities will help identify scammers on online dating sites, plus not lose your money and personal information.

Detectives will detect any warning signs before you become passionate about the new relationship.

Checking a person from Ukraine on a dating site is a great way to find out more about the owner of the profile, plus calm your mind about a new relationship.

Find a person in Ukraine

person search service
  • Looking for lost relatives, friends, debtor, work colleagues, or just acquaintances in Ukraine?
  • Need to establish the owner of a phone number, property, profile on a dating site?
  • Do you have only partial information about the search object?

Regardless of whether you only need contact information or need to find the real whereabouts of a person, using the services of a private detective is one of the most effective ways to achieve a positive result.

Experienced investigators of the agency are able to find a person in Ukraine, according to incomplete or partial information.

Search specialists are able to find the required contact information of an individual within a few hours.

Recover your lost contact today!

Background check

background check services
  • Do you need a background check of a future employee when applying for a job?
  • Are there any reasons not to trust your business partner?
  • Do you hire home staff?

Our detailed report will provide you with comprehensive information about the person with whom you want to build a personal relationship, let into your home or business.

Comprehensive background check is a source of reliable facts.

Analytical research carried out by the agency will help you make the right decision to move forward.

The check takes place absolutely unnoticed by the object of the check.

The experience of our detectives guarantees full confidentiality, as well as the accuracy of the information you receive.

Find out about problems that can interfere with business, personal relationships, plans for the future.

Surveillance & Photographic Evidence

surveillance services
  • Are you sure you are absolutely right, but do not have convincing facts?
  • Do you want to know where and with whom the person is at the moment?
  • Need information that the databases don't have?

Catch a cheating spouse or dishonest employee using the services of a private detective.

In many cases, surveillance is the only possible way to obtain the necessary facts.

For example, no official source can tell that a romantic partner has a mistress or lover, an employee “leaks” important information to competitors, where and with whom the person is now, whether the individual has an unofficial income, a circle of communication, and the nature of contacts.

During surveillance, you can receive messages about the movements and nature of the person's contacts in real time.

We have enough resources to organize surveillance of any complexity.
At the end of the surveillance, the agency will provide a detailed report with photographic evidence of the moments of interest to you.

All surveillance activities are carried out by experienced detectives with due diligence. The object will never know that you want to follow it.

Find out the truth or prove your case along with our photo evidence.

Private detective services - find out more

In fact, all services of a private detective cannot be limited to one specific list. Detective services are a specific tool for obtaining the required answers and evidence.

In practice, clients' tasks are very individual. Clients have different initial information, as well as wishes, regarding the final result of the investigation.

You can discuss your issue directly with a private detective who will investigate it. Your experience with us should be helpful, efficient and confidential.

All details discussed before starting work, as well as the results of the work itself, remain confidential.

Regardless of what type of service clients are interested in, agency detectives will offer effective ways to solve the problem based on their individual needs. You can always count on an individual approach to your unique circumstances

If you have any questions regarding our services or how the "SBD" detective agency can help, please contact us.

Detective agency "SBD" is ready to provide professional assistance, as well as achieve a positive outcome for the customer. The private detective team is available 365/24/7.
There is no job too big or too small for us. We carry out work of any size with due responsibility and professionalism in order to provide the client with useful, convincing results.